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Minor Hit and Run Charges Canada

Minor hit and run charges canada

Hit and run is the act of hitting a pedestrian, cyclist, motorist, or any other structure and fleeing away from the spot. It’s a serious crime considered by the law. If you’re a new driver, be aware of your next move whenever you encounter an accident. The matter can take a lot of things off-limits. The primary responsibility is to stop the vehicle after an accident. Undoubtedly, one of the ugliest and inhuman moves by a driver is hit and run. Hit and run charges in Canada turn out to be a heavy shackle. Upon proving the claim, the experience can...

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Concussion Settlement Amounts in Canada

Concussion Settlement Amounts in Canada

Concussion injuries are quite a common type of accident throughout the world. Concussion injuries usually occur when the brain moves rapidly back and forth. In some cases, the impacts and consequences of this type of injury can be very severe and life-threatening. If you or your loved one is going through these kinds of accidents, you may wonder what the financial liabilities cover for concussion injuries? Well, it will depend on a lot of factors. In this writing, we will know everything in detail about concussion injuries. So keep reading to know more. What is exactly a concussion injury? Concussion injury is also known...

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Can I Sue My Employer for a Slip and Fall

Can I Sue My Employer for a Slip and Fall Featured Image

Every year, more than 40,000 workers are injured in slip and fall accidents while they're on the job. The reasons are manifold, with poor safety conditions, poor maintenance of the premises, and problems with PPE all leading the pack. Many jobs are simply dangerous as well, even absent of any negligence on an employer's parts.  These injuries are just as serious for workers as they are for guests who might come onto an employer's property. They can result in a loss of ability to work, a lifetime of chronic pain, a loss of independence, and even traumatic brain injuries that can...

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How Long After a Slip and Fall Can You Sue?

How Long After a Slip and Fall Can You Sue Featured Image

The insurance industry would like you to believe that you have to wait for some sort of arbitrary event before you can pursue your slip and fall case. For example, many insurance companies like to perpetuate the myth that you have to reach maximum medical improvement before you can contact a lawyer. In reality you can contact a lawyer immediately after your accident, and should do so almost as soon as you're medically capable of making the call. The faster you move the better off you're likely to be. In addition, you don't have forever to make a decision. If you...

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Slip and Fall Liability Claims in Alberta, CA

Slip and Fall Liability Claims in Alberta, CA Featured Image

A slip-and-fall claim is also known as a premises liability claim. It's a slang term for any number of injuries that can occur when a property is kept in unsafe condition.  Nevertheless, as in any accident wherein one party has committed an act of negligence to another, you can pursue compensation for your injuries. Here's everything you need to know about how premises liability cases work in Alberta. What is premises liability? Premises liability is a class of personal injury law that addresses injuries sustained on a property when the property owner has allowed an unsafe condition to persist. Property owners are responsible...

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